Cubes & Paperweights

Focuz 3D Images is your online showroom for 3D crystal cubes and paperweights.  Our impeccably crafted crystal cubes and paperweights are the perfect gifts for corporate and promotional branding, recognition awards, or commemorative mementos.

3D crystal cubes can be logo engraved or have a 3D photo of your family and loved ones. While a smaller 3D crystal cube can easily serve as a paperweight, we make appropriately sized, high-quality stunning laser engraved crystal paperweights in optical glass and clear glass.

Some of our popular engraved crystal paperweights and 3D laser cubes include the spectacular glass diamond paperweight, 3D etched jewel cube, and laser engraved crystal rectangle paperweight. 


You can also customize the gift by using cherished photos in a personalized crystal photo paperweight, 3D crystal picture cube, or order a custom engraved paperweight with your company logo. 

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